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Are traditional core exercises enough? 


Most exercises train the core indirectly and can't be done while in motion.

Life isn't static!

We believe in the need to train the core with precision for activation, isolation, and integration into movement.


The Ki-RO Core Trainer targets the muscles of the abs, back, hips, and shoulders in ALL directions, and while in motion! 


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"I dropped 10 minutes off of my mile swim time after I started using the Ki-RO Core Trainer..."
  - Gustavo Serafini, host of The Enabled Disabled podcast

abs 360.jpg

360 degrees

of resistance with

sliding ring technology

Abs III.jpg

Isolate then Integrate

Muscles of the CORE

with more precision

abs and DB only II.jpg

Reduce Compensation

on overworked muscles

(hip flexors, shoulders)

The Ki-RO Core Trainer

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