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The Ki-RO Core Trainer is a core training harness designed to be used by people of all fitness levels or physical abilities to target the core muscles for stability, strength, endurance, and balance training. With its patented sliding ring design, it enables you to improve your core muscles when you are stationary as well as when you are in motion.


By being more specific to the core, it can reduce hip and shoulder compensation during exercises and is one of the few devices that enable functional core training in any plane of motion from seated to sprinting. 

It can be used after injury when precise and controlled resistance is needed or for performance training when heavier loads are required.  

The Ki-RO works well with any cable system, resistance bands, or sleds. 

We believe in the activation, isolation, and integration of muscles through exercise to improve function.  


Activate anchors, muscles, and movement patterns for improved co-activation and neuromuscular input. 

Prepare the body for exercise.

Stimulation of the muscles before training can help open up ROM of the hips, shoulders, and trunk.


Target core muscle groups. Train the weak links. Better isolation means enhanced activation of specific muscle groups. Compensation  during many exercises can reduce how much your CORE is being trained.  The Ki-RO Core Trainer helps you dominate by making the exercise more specific to your abdominal or back muscles without using big machines and without compensating by using your hands, arms, or hips. It can also reduce the load on areas that may be already overworked (biceps, rotator cuff muscles, hip flexors).  


Turn static strength and stability into dynamic.

The Ki-RO Core Trainer's patented sliding rings enable you to train the core 360 degrees around the body, in any plane, and at any speed from seated to sprinting.  This allows you to transfer static strength and stability into dynamic by integrating core  specific resistance while doing other exercises.

The Ki-RO Core Trainer can potentially reduce the forces on spinal discs that lead to disc injury by providing alternative exercises to replace those that have you simultaneously flex and rotate the spine.

Three levels of intensity allows for increased muscular recruitment. 

LEVEL 1:  Basic Core

LEVEL 2:  Harder core, some shoulder

LEVEL 3:  Hardest core, more shoulder

"Not only do my clients love the new opportunities for more accurate exercises that it provides, but it is doing wonders for myself!"

Gary Warren

Trainer, Owner at Sweat is Free

About Ki-RO
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