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There's more to the Core than just a 6 pack!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Six pack abs have long been THE goal and dream of many people. Countless hours in the gym and endless diets have been endured to achieve this level of “perfection”. For many, this is the embodiment of health, fitness, and a strong core. Because you must have a strong core if you have a six pack, right?

Wrong, so very wrong.

Having visible “abs” does not necessarily tell the whole story when it comes to the stability of the entire core. The core includes all the muscles of the abdomen, back, pelvic floor, diaphragm, and for many experts: anything from the hips to the shoulders or knees to neck.

The core is responsible for creating motion in all directions but must also be stable and strong to prevent motion! Our core is the anchor needed for the shoulders and hips to work at their best for athletic performance AND for everyday stuff such yard work and picking up your kid.

While there are many great "ab" exercises, unfortunately there are also questionable ones that may do more harm than good if your technique isn’t “perfect”. With the increasing interest in this topic for the average gym goer, its sad to see that the education is often falling behind. So in this blog we will be posting some interesting concepts about the core that we hope you will find useful. Check back for more and feel free to reach out with questions or comments. Join our mailing list for the latest blog posts here.

Stay strong,

Kika Mela, BSE, LMT, MATCSm

Kika Mela is Co-Owner of Mela Therapeutics, Inc. and the creator of the Ki-RO Core Trainer. She is a Master Level MAT Specialist, MAT Rx Specialist, and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1995. Her focus is on mechanics, has worked for an NFL team as an MAT Specialist, has contributed to the exercise programming as part of the medical team with Pete Bommarito of Bommarito Performance since 2006, and has consulted with numerous coaches, trainers, and therapists on exercise, massage, and muscle activation.

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Kika Mela
Kika Mela
Apr 20, 2020

Thank you! It will include anatomy and mechanics to provide concepts that could be helpful in a rehab setting.


I'll be following along looking fwd to practical, anatomically backed information. Knowing the author with her solid educational base and vast real world experiences i know I won't be disappointed. I'm also hoping to read, incorporated in these blogs, (where applicable) about therapeutic applications from a rehab standpoint. I'll be following! :)

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